AOFM’s Professional Makeup Courses – Advanced Makeup
AOFM’s Professional Makeup Courses – Advanced Makeup

AOFM has a great range of Professional Makeup Courses in London. But what else would you expect from one of the Leading Makeup Schools in London, if not the world. So lets look at some of AOFM’s courses in more detail to explain what make’s AOFM one of the top Makeup Schools you can choose.

Creative Certificate In Advanced Makeup Techniques

AOFM is a makeup school aimed at offering professionals a chance to increase their skill set to meet the most challenging sections of the industry. And on no course is this more evident than their advanced makeup techniques course. This course (which comes in at a very reasonable £1,400) is 6 days of learning from some of the best makeup tutors in the business. Not only will these tutors help you to expand your skill set, but they will offer you insights into their own professional experiences, and provide valuable lessons not just from a makeup skills perspective but from a professional development perspective.

The course covers a range of valuable advanced makeup techniques including:

  • Period Makeup
  • Ethnic Makeup
  • Male Corrective Makeup
  • Body Painting
  • Glitters
  • Avante Garde
  • and many more

There can be no doubt that all of the above are valuable skills that can’t be picked up on just any makeup course in London. However, as we have already stated, AOFM goes further, offering you advice on getting started out professionally as well. When going freelance, there are many other things for you to consider. This can be as simple as doing your tax return, how to invoice and self promotion. These skills are vital, and AOFM understands that. That’s why this makeup course offers it’s students the chance to ask these questions of an experienced freelance makeup artist who will offer valuable business advice as well as helping you to develop your skills as a makeup artist. This course will help you not just become a great artist, but will also make you a successful artist.