Choosing A Makeup Course London
Choosing A Makeup Course London

There are a huge number of options when choosing a makeup course in London. It is a big decision and one that you simply have to get correct. Now there are lots of makeup schools in London that will try to appeal to you. Making the right choice is vital, and that is why you should choose AOFM.



AOFM are a renowned makeup school based in London that offer a huge range of makeup courses. That doesn’t exactly distinguish them from other makeup schools in London. There are a number of things however that do distinguish AOFM from their competitors.

Choosing AOFM as your London Makeup School

AOFM are rightly able to shout their reputation from the rooftops. They have established themselves as one of the leading makeup academies in the world. Their courses offer a huge range of different skills to be learned including Professional Makeup certificates, courses revolving around special FX, airbrush, Bridal makeup and many more great courses. The range of AOFM courses is available to view here but there are also many other great reasons to choose AOFM.

Award Winning Makeup Tutors

AOFM plays host to some of the best makeup tutors in the industry. Many of AOFM’s tutors (and graduates!) are real award winners. These include AOFM pro Tutor Carolyn Roper who was the CIBTAC Body Artist of the Year 2010 and is also the double World Body Painting Champion!

One To One Attentions

AOFM does not have large classes for their courses. They pride themselves on helping a small number in an intimate environment. This allows their tutors to work closely with their students in order to give them the attention they crave in order to fulfil their potential.

Unlimited Free Aftercare!

With a lot of makeup courses in London and the world over, the training stops when you get your certificate. Not so with AOFM. They’re famous aftercare program means that you continue to get advice, training and contacts after your course is completed. This can help you get the placements and skills you need to stand out from the crowd!