Makeup Course London
Makeup Course London

You probably know that a BB Cream is perfect for summer wear and that bold shimmery eye shadows are the most glamorous look for a summery night out, but do you know about the top winter makeup trends? The summer makeup look is easier, because keeping your skin looking flawless is a lot more effortless when temperatures are not frigid.


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Now is the time that you tool a makeup course in London and learned about the most popular winter makeup trends. This will enable you to have the perfect makeup look year round no matter what the weather may be. Some of the winter makeup tips that you can learn from a makeup course in London can come in handy. This is true for makeup beginners and professional makeup artists.


Translucent Powder


When you are wearing scarfs and different layers of clothes each day during the winter months, it can be easy for your makeup to become smudged and worn. However, you can prevent against this by using a translucent powder. If you apply a thin layer of this type of pressed powder to your face after you have finished applying all of your makeup, you can be sure that your makeup will last long and stay in place all day. A pressed powder works better than a loose powder, because it is a lot less messy.


Tinted Balm


Having soft and gorgeous lips is not easy during the winter months. It is easy for your lips to become dried and cracked. This means that wearing a typical lipstick might not be the best look for you. During the winter months, it can be a great idea to invest in a few tinted lip balms. This will give your lips a great colour and shine, but will also help them heal and stay hydrated all day.


Fight Dry Skin


Patches of dry skin can be a major bummer, but they do not have to be your winter reality. The key to having a fresh face during the winter months is making sure that your skin is hydrated. This means that you need to make sure that you mix your foundation and moisturiser together. You can buy some foundations that have a moisturiser infused in the product, but mixing a few pumps of your favourite moisturiser with your foundation works just as well. It allows your skin to be fully hydrated.