Makeup Schools London
Makeup Schools London

There is a lot of makeup advice that is straightforward, but there are a few pro makeup tips that are a bit outside of the box. If you are looking to learn about the pro makeup tips that are outside the norm, it is time that you thought about attending makeup schools in London. This is the simplest way for you to learn about the pro makeup secrets in the industry. It is time that you expanded your knowledge and that you learned about what really works when it comes to makeup application techniques. Getting just the right flawless makeup looks is not always easy, but it is within reach with makeup schools in London as your guide.

Here are a few pro makeup tips that are a bit unique:

Clump Mascara?

One of the biggest issues that you face when you are applying mascara is clumps, but there are easy ways that you can get rid of the clumpy mess when you are applying mascara to your lashes. One of the pro makeup tips that you will learn early on involves adding a few drops of Visine to your mascara. these eye drops will help make your mascara apply a lot smoother and get rid of the clumps. It can be difficult to apply mascara without getting mascara on your face. One easy trick that you can try out involves using a spoon when you are applying mascara to your lower lash. You can just place the spoon part on your face and place your mascara brush on the spoon to ensure that you are not getting any mascara on the skin under your lashes. Between using a spoon and eye drops, you can have the perfect mascara look.

Dark Foundation Stick

Contouring can be made really easy if you are willing to invest in a dark foundation stick that makes application so much simpler.This means that you should make sure that you only apply contour shades at the top of your face and around your cheek bones. Also be sure that you blend really well when you are contouring. This will give your face much more dimension and a bit of a natural glow if you do it the right way and don’t get out of control when applying contour shades to your face. You can just use the makeup stick in the areas where you want to contour and then blend it out using a beauty blender.