Professional Make-up Courses- Your Ticket To The World
Professional Make-up Courses- Your Ticket To The World

The need for Professional make-up artists is universal. For every film, tv show & catwalk, there needs to be a makeup artist and no one will accept second rate make up. That’s why if you take a professional make up course and become a qualified artist, then you will always be in demand at some of the most fashionable and glamorous places anywhere around the globe. So which locations could you end up at? Well lets take a look where some of AOFM’s graduates have been applying there trade.


Milan Fashion Week


Yes, that’s right! Milan! The fashion capital of Europe. The AOFM Graduate team, some trained at the makeup school in london headed 6 on schedule Milan Fashion Week shows this season. One of the shows they did was Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso for Leitmotiv Spring Summer 2016 collection inspired by Arizona sandy and desert landscapes. It is one of the great hallmarks of AOFM that they can get there graduates backstage work at such huge events.


London Fashion Week


One of the highlights of the fashion year! On home turf, AOFM once again provided some outstanding services to the week, heading up  the makeup for 7 designers. The Bora Aksu & Paul Costelloe shows were a particular highlight for them, with there work being shown displayed on the bbc news website of all places. It was a a proud moment for some of the AOFM directors who happened to be in the front row of the Paul Costelloe, who were keeping a close eye on some of the work of there graduates.


New York Fashion Week


The job specification at New York Fashion Week was a unique one. IIJIN, a designer who has previously worked with AOFM, was after a completely different look for this new season.  Between the Head makeup artist Michelle Webb and AOFMPro graduates, they came up with a wonderful style of makeup that not only looked amazing, but also complemented the designer range spectacularly.


These are just 3 of the places AOFM’s Graduates have been working in recent times. Other events that they have worked include Canne Film Festival, Nolcha Fashion Week & Paris Fashion Week. You could be visitng and working at all these events if you become a professional makeup aritst. If you take a makeup course in London, you will not only be located in one of the hottest (in terms of fashion!) cities in the world. You will also be opening the gates to a jet set career.