Professional Makeup Courses London
Professional Makeup Courses London

Professional Makeup Courses in London are so numerous that choosing the right one is getting more and more difficult. The number of makeup schools in London is increasing and all of them seem to have great offers and a lot of recommendations, so how do you choose? How do you make the decision, especially when you consider you that the likely hood is that you will have to fund this course.


The most important thing in all of this is to focus on what you need from your makeup school. There are somethings that are a given and you will need to consider however.

Experienced Course Tutors

A school can only be as good as it’s tutors. The facilities are always important obviously but if the tutors are not up to snuff, then you need to reconsider. Makeup tutors who have previous professional experience is a must, and while a lot will claim to have awards and accreditations, it is important to check those awards. Makeup Schools will always claim awards but you need to check that these awards come from a legitimate body.


There’s more to choosing a course than what is being mentioned here, it isn’t possible to discuss all. Cost, class size, there are a huge number of considerations. However, people are more and more interested in value for money. And aftercare courses are becoming more and more common. However, we all know that the quality of the care is important. Take AOFM for example. They have the original, 100% free aftercare offering. Professional courses offered to former students run by professional tutors from across the world. They know how important it is to always improve your skill set and will work with you to ensure that you have not just the course opportunities but also contacts from across the industry. And as I said before, this care is free to all former AOFM tutors. Is it surprising that more and more students are choosing AOFM?